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Best Places To Visit In Hatta Tour Dubai

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Best Hatta Tour Package From Dubai 

Are you looking for a Hatta tour Package Dubai? Then you have landed on the right page. That’s because in this guide we will tell you about the 10 best Hatta tour packages Dubai. They will assuredly help you to choose the most suitable one for you with full confidence and authority. Moreover, if you are a lover of nature, and scenic beauty, and yearn to explore the beautiful world, this place should be on the top of your bucket list. Now without wasting a single minute, get ready to delve into one of the most fantastic and beautiful attractions exclusively chosen for you along with a complete tour package.

Hatta Mountain Tour

If you are in Dubai, then a Hatta tour Dubai is the best thing and must-see place for you. Different companies offer you reasonable packages to make your tour memorable. There are a lot of things and activities to do on this tour. That’s because there are many worth seeing places that help you to make your day. The first one is the Hatta mountain safari tour.  Here you can explore the mountainous and rocky land with expert drivers who give you pick-and-drop services and ensure complete safety during the travel.

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Tour Dubai - Hatta heritage village

Next in this tour, you get the chance to peep through into the culture of ancient Arabian. In this village, there is much more to explore and gain life experience. You come to know about different weapons and furniture used by the old Arabian Moreover you learn many interesting facts about their heritage. The hospitability of the area will make you feel at home.

Desert Safari

Your Hatta tour is never completed without moving through the dunes and enjoying the desert safari. Camel riding and much more sightseeing make you keep the memories fresh in your mind forever. Herewith trustworthy guide keeps you updated throughout the way.

Hatta Water Dam

In your Hatta Dubai tour, you would love to spend time in the beautiful blue water, boating and rowing will make you super excited. You can take the Kayak and delve into the middle of the water species and become exuberant about the tour.

Hatta Hill Park

Your next stop will be Hill park, a worth seeing place. Here you meet different people and locals. You feel more attached to them when observe and study their culture by yourself. This place provides you best scenic beauty that is built for specific recreational purposes. Here you can enjoy the barbecue and make your treat memorable for your whole life.

Hatta Wadi

There are a lot of activities to do here for both children and adults. Hatta wadi trip is included in the package. Comfort Zone and safety both are in line. You can capture the scenic beauty; enjoy nature while trolling through the rails and tracks. The lush green sides of blue water lakes fascinate you a lot. Hence, you can get a lot of picturesque views here.

Hatta Fort Hotel

Next, come to Hatta fort hotel where you can relax and enjoy the different worldwide popular dishes along with your family members. The serene environment and luxurious lifestyle give you a sense of fulfillment. After passing through different rocks, sands, and dunes, this is the best place to get mental peace and tranquility for the time being.

Hatta Desert

Hatta desert, red sands, and dunes make you understand a completely different perspective of life’s great adventures. Here you get a completely new horizon of the world. Hence, the best place to capture every moment of life.

Al Hajjar Mountains

Hatta Tour Dubai - Al Hajjar Mountains
Oman, Al Hajar Mountains, Wadi, dried river course

In your Hatta tour packages Dubai, how we can forget to add the most fascinating and best tourist attractions like the Al Hajjar Mountains? If you like trekking, or biking or you are an adventurous or fun lover, then these large mountains will help you to soothe your inner self greatly. Expert drivers will give you the best mountain driving experience. Al Hajar Mountain is known as a large mountain range that gives you a wonderful experience while you visit Hatta Dubai.

Riverbank Of Hatta Wadi

The riverbank of Hatta wadi is the best sightseeing for any adventure lover like you. You can dive into the water and get in touch with different friendly water species. Moreover, the boating and Kayak included in the package will help you to get lifelong experience. Hence, in your Hatta tour from Dubai, you can collect a lot of unforgettable memories, which will enshrine in your mind and keep you fresh throughout your lifetime. 


Hatta tour provides you best experience because there are a lot of attractions for tourists. The flora and fauna of the place, sands, and dunes, Rocky Mountains, biking and riding, top hill view, cultural heritage of Arabian and most of all the natural beauty of the place and mouthwatering dishes make your tour the best among all. We know you already have packed your back! Would you like to tell us the first destination you are yearning to visit in your Hatta tour packages Dubai?

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