This website contains all the information about our privacy policy including collection of information, usage, security, and many other important points. You are requested to go through this page before using our website or taking our services.

Collection of Information

You need to provide us some information either personal or business details while using our Dubai desert safari deals and other services. This is important to identify you or contact you. Usually, we collect personal information at the time of booking. In the course of taking our tour deals, we may also require some of your data.

You are liable to provide accurate information about your business or yourself. This includes your name, contact number, email, age, pick up address. Also, you need to provide us with your contact details for communication or exchange of information. We gather information in the most secure and reliable ways. The whole process is done under our privacy policy note. Hence, we ensure that all your data and personal information will remain secure as we strictly prevent any unauthorized access to any sensitive information.

How We Use your Personal Information?

To enjoy our best tour packages and services, we need some of your personal information. However, we use the collective information in the following ways!

  •  Provide you with our services 
  • Upgrade or improve our services 
  • Support your activities 
  • Make sure the availability of your required information and data on time 
  • Make interactions with you 
  • To make reports on particular statistics and trends 
  • To facilitate payment interactions between us

Information Exchange Policy 

We never share or exchange your personal information with any third party. Please note that we only share your data for any legal prosecution or legal statement in case of any emergency. Besides this, we never reveal your data to anyone even not to our staff members. 

Data Security 

Your data protection is among our main concerns. We work according to UAE safety standards and rules to provide you a remarkable experience. All the data is kept with immense safety to provide a shield against any loss or unauthorized access. We use the latest protection tools to keep your data secure. Your data transmission on our site is completely safe as we take all the technical measures.

Website Security

Our website is fully secure and protected. We strictly prohibit any unauthorized or third-party access. Moreover, all the content and data available on our site only belong to us. No one is allowed to copy, paste or use this data for any illegal purpose. If anyone tries to access our site illegally, we will take serious action. Hence, our website is protected with SSL that ensures the protection of our website as well as your personal information.

Use of Cookies 

We use cookies to make your site visit and experience better with us. Cookies are small files that are used to remember some basic information to identify your next visit to with us.

This helps us to remember and recognize you when you visit us next time. Also, we use cookies to give you suggestions as per your preferences. 

Right to Change the Privacy Policy

We have a right to change or modify any part of this privacy note without prior notice. You should keep reviewing this page regularly to stay familiar with any change or addition to our privacy policy. 

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