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Best Things to Do in Dubai


A trip to your favorite place is always enthralling and exciting. A journey is not only for recreational purposes. But it is to relieve the stress and unease of mind and relive the world. Nature, culture, atmosphere, and environment all play a part in making your trip the best. But there is another factor that matters the most.

On a broader scale, it is called the season, and daily, it is called time. UAE is not all about heat and desert. But indeed these are two of the reasons why people visit these places each year. So here we bring you the best places to stay in the heat-rich UAE in the early morning.

Things to Do in Dubai Desert

  1. Desert Safari Dubai Trip

A trip to the UAE without a view of the desert is like a crime. And a major one. Not long ago, UAE was all about sand and camels. What you see now does not depict the traditional UAE but a modern form. But if you visit the country, you must visit the desert. Loads of activities await you. A 4WD car is ready to give you the best off-road experience. Quad biking in Dubai is another great experience that you can have. Early morning breakfast or a camel ride is enough to motivate you. The desert is hot. So make sure you reach early in the morning.

  1. Burj Al Khalifa

The tallest building in the world. The tallest skyscraper in the world, with a few floors above the sky. Want to know what is even great? The building opens at around 8:30 am. Hence, it is a great way to start your day early, and that too at the tallest building in the world. The Burj Al Khalifa provides an aerial view of the city from one of its dedicated docks on the 124th floor. Do not miss out on an early morning scene.

  1. Hajjar and Hafeet Mountains

Trekking and hiking have great importance. Both of these activities get you in the mood for an active day. And above all, these adventures provide a significant boost to your muscles and body too. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some great mountains on offer. With the scorching sun, the best way to make the most of these mountains is to visit early in the morning. The Hajjar Mountain is located in Dubai, while the Hafeet, the second largest mountain in UAE, is in Abu Dhabi. Apart from trekking and climbing, you can have a great view of the nearby places and even capture some great photos too!

  1. Beaches in Dubai

UAE is rich in beaches. And there is a lot you can do with them. From enjoying a typical family time at The Corniche, you can relax at some distance from the Burj Al Arab. Great beaches are present in the UAE. You can make the most of your time at the beach only if you rise early. A dip in the pool is never a bad idea. But you can even enjoy fun activities like beach sports and recreational stuff. Breakfast is another top trend at the beaches early in the morning.

  1. Parks

Nothing is better early in the morning than a walk in the park. The phrase itself means something very calming and easy. Even if you are on a trip to the UAE, parks serve you the best opportunity. The Zabeel Park in Dubai is rich in greenery and tracks for a calming walk. Moreover, if you are in Abu Dhabi, set your alarm for an early morning visit to Umm Al Emarat Park, which has tracks surrounded by tall trees. But these parks do not cover the whole of the cities at all. Dozens of parks have extraordinary views, all waiting for you to pay a visit.

  1. Qasr Al Watan

The presidential palace, or Qasr Al Watan, is the most royal place in the UAE. This is where the country’s governing body sits and meets. Since its opening in 2019, the Qasr Al Watan has been a great visitor attraction. If you reside in Abu Dhabi, plan your visit to this place tomorrow. If you wish to visit UAE, make this a thing to do. This is because royalty does not come that close often. And royals do not wake up early. But a 10 am opening is still early for their standards.

  1. Palm Jumeirah

The world needs to declare it one of its wonders. This is a place of magnificence. And no one can replicate it anytime soon. Palm Jumeirah is a tree-shaped manufactured island that houses hotels, apartments, beaches, and much more. Even if you do not reside there, still make a trip there to view the island.


Many of us know what Lego is famous for. The block toys. LEGOLAND is the flagship project of Lego, the first in UAE. This is a theme park that lies under Dubai Parks and Resorts. The theme park is known for waterslides and rollercoaster rides. The theme park also houses resorts, restaurants, and iconic replicas of buildings and creatures. A great place to visit for young and children alike, with the elders able to get in the mix too.

  1. Marina Yacht Club

Water activities are abundant in UAE. And especially in Dubai. And if getting surrounded by friends ever has a meaning, it is this place. The Marina Yacht Club offers you boat rides along the Dubai Marina. The yacht trip Dubai Marina also provides you with dining services on the boat, along with living entertainment. You can even try to drive one of the boats too. And after the trial, you can get into different social activities too. These include shopping and dining in nearby markets or Marina Mall.

  1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

A fine place to finish the long read. Royalty speaks for itself, especially in the UAE. Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is the largest mosque in the UAE. The white heavenly structure has around 80 domes, all different in size. The courtyard has no roof. But do not worry, there is something else on offer too. The mosque’s floor, including the courtyard, is marble. This keeps it cool even in the scorching heat.

Moreover, the interior has air-conditioning systems to avoid heat. Want to know more? The mosque is open for Muslims and non-Muslims at 9 am early.



The United Arab Emirates has two famous places people look forward to, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities have monumental places to visit, from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Burj Al Khalifa. Royalty, culture, tradition, and taste of the modern world blend in each place. Pick a few is always a challenging task. And when picking a few within the two top tourist spots in the world, the job is hard. However, the places mentioned above do not comprise what the UAE offers. But these places provide a glimpse of what lies ahead for you. Do not hesitate to look out for newer destinations and adventures.