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A tourist destination needs to have many plus points. These plus points help the goal attract loads of tourists each year. Tourist destination such as Dubai has many features to attract tourists each year. Skyscrapers, glass buildings, manufactured islands, and lush green parks make Dubai heaven on earth. But there is another feature that does not get much appreciation or respect. And that is desert life, such as sand dune buggy rides, Dune bashing, etc.  UAE is rich in the Desert.

Additionally, UAE was all Desert and camels until the oil came out. And since then, there has been a constant change in the landscape of the UAE. The Desert has changed into lofty buildings. And loft buildings have brought great highways. But you still see deserts in UAE, predominantly Dubai. But people do not utilize the deserts to the full. To fully use the deserts, one of the companions you need is a sand buggy.

A sand buggy is a unique form of a four-wheeler that is not only completely covered.  From Burj Al Khalifa to Desert Life, UAE is rich in deserts. Even though the UAE’s landscape constantly changes, there is still a tradition on show there. Whenever you hear the word Arab, the Desert is the first thing that comes to mind. It is a tradition of the Arab world. A wide variety of deserts is present in UAE and especially Dubai.

And once you step into the Desert in Dubai, whichever way you look, it is all sand. But this is nothing to worry about.  Where Dubai focuses on Burj Al Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, it also focuses on the deserts for tourism. Foreigners plan a trip to Dubai’s deserts to explore the rich tradition and nature on offer. But the most enthralling thing about deserts is that you can enjoy them in multiple ways. Dubai offers many entertainment opportunities, including camel rides, off-roading, and BBQs. But a new entrant on the scene: the sand buggy Dubai

What is a Sand Dune Buggy Dubai?

A sand buggy is a four-wheeled vehicle that is built for recreational purposes. The name depicts that it is specifically made for use on sand. Since Dubai has shifted to being the tourism hub of the world, it is continuously upgrading to improve. One of the ways to improve tourism is to implement new ideas. Dubai’s success is not an overnight one. And new activities have a significant say in this. 

Sand buggies have helped the desert revival in many ways. It provides a unique experience to its riders. With no doors, roof, or windows, it is like a 4D transport vehicle that gives you all the angles. Moreover, it is a vehicle that is self-driven. You can accompany two to three people alongside you for this great adventure. Sand buggy is a great vehicle to enjoy desert life. It is a cheap and once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. 

Deserts and Sand Buggies 


Regarding deserts, only a handful of activities come to mind. This was the concept of deserts before. But the way UAE is transforming, deserts are getting back to life. And this is evident from desert tourism for some years. Many foreigners prefer to visit deserts than regular downtowns and skyscrapers. This is because deserts offer a different kind of atmosphere and tourism opportunities. Dunes and a temperature difference are what’s important. 

The temperature, early morning and evening, is gentle enough to accommodate tourists. Moreover, the offered activities now easily indulge tourists in a great atmosphere. Sand buggies outstandingly promote tourism. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the desert. Off-roading in Dubai on Land Cruisers has become a thing of the past or too common. And to overcome this, the management has introduced sand buggies. A sand buggy is the best way to explore the desert’s richness. 

Why a Sand Dune Buggy Dubai?

With a sand buggy, you experience the sand in its full prime. While driving a sand buggy, you can view the sand dust. And you can experience the raw nature of the desert during your visit with sand buggies. A sand buggy is easy to drive and easy to control. There is a setup available for you for a safe journey. So there is nothing to worry about. 

It is effortless if you think about the importance of using or experiencing the sand buggy. Local guides will divert your attention to simpler things and charge you extra for additional activities. Local guides will also ensure you do not cover and observe most deserts. With a sand buggy, you are free to go anywhere. You can experience the dunes how much you like and drive however you like. It is just like a free ticket. 

Sand Buggies for Everyday Needs 

After hearing everything about sand buggies, it is time to know what is available. A sand dune buggy is a transport vehicle used in deserts and on the sand. But there is a wide variety of sand buggies available for you to try:

  • Regular two-seater dune buggy 
  • Four-seater dune buggy 
  • LED-fitted night buggy 

A two-seater sand buggy is what you often see. It is the most economical one too. A two-seater Dune Buggy Dubai is ideal if you intend to drive alone or with another person. It is compact in size and easy to operate. Easy to use means easy to control and more speed. Thus, it makes an excellent economic package for you.

A four-seater sand buggy is an update to the two-seater vehicle. If you have a family and wish to enjoy and explore the desert with them, this is the best Dune buggy in Dubai. This vehicle has four comfortable seats with comfort depending on many things. It will help if you sit perfectly with a proper seat belt connection. Moreover, you cannot afford to overload the buggy with people and luggage. This four-seater buggy has a decent speed, but care is needed when driving these vehicles through different terrains. 

LED-fitted night buggy is a new addition to the sand buggies. This sand buggy is equipped with unique lighting to assist you at night. Moreover, it is a great-looking buggy too. The buggy has LED lights of prime colours, such as blue, red, pink, etc., emitting colours from everywhere. This is the best ride if you are set on exploring the desert in the evening. 

Sand and Sand Buggy: A Love Story 

Tourism is great. But it becomes even great if you know what is on offer in-depth. And your trip becomes excellent if you know how to make the most of the activities. Moreover, you enjoy it the most if you plan out this way. If you plan to visit Dubai, you need to consider desert safari as a must. It is a great experience to increase your observance of culture, tradition, and history. Not only is sand buggy a great activity, but other options need your attention too. These include BBQs, off-roading, and cultural time alongside traditional food. However, the sand buggy is the best activity on offer.