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What to Wear in Desert Safari During Summer
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When planning an exhilarating desert safari in the scorching summer of Dubai, the first question that comes to mind is, “What to wear in desert safari during summer?” Well, there is no standard desert safari dress code that you must have to follow for this desert adventure. However, one thing you should remember is you need a strategic combination of comfort, protection, and style. For that reason, we will explore “what to wear and how to choose the right outfit. Not only that, we will also cover the planning for special events and occasions.

What to Wear in Desert Safari Dubai 2024

Below we are discussing in detail what to wear for desert safari in Dubai:

Lightweight Clothing for Desert Sweltering Heat

Summer of deserts is different from the rest of the world as it is merciless and spares no one. Therefore, if your planning is bad, you are going to suffer a kind of hell. Intelligent always come prepared for the soaring temperatures. Hence, the first rule is to go with lightweight fabrics. Whether you’re cruising through the desert in the morning or evening, lightweight clothing will keep you cool under the blazing sun. Additionally, it will be best for you if you consider packing breathable materials such as cotton or linen as they can help you combat the heat effectively.

Hoodie or Poncho for Cooler Evenings

The Dubai desert night temperature and any other desert evenings are the opposite of scorching daytime. For that reason, you need to pack a hoodie or poncho as it will help in stay warm. No matter, whether you decide to go on your journey in an early morning or evening desert safari. The temperature in the desert can significantly decrease after sunset, making these items essential for your comfort.

Desert Sun Protection: Long-Sleeved Tops and Comfortable Trousers

Always remember desert sun protection is crucial as it can be dangerous for your skin during a desert safari. Therefore, opt for long-sleeved tops that offer coverage while ensuring they are lightweight to combat the heat. Moreover, you should choose comfortable trousers for bottom wear. No doubt, shorts are tempting for such adventures to many people. However, utilizing the trousers is highly recommended. Trousers are more suitable during sand activities like sandboarding or dune bashing. Additionally, they provide more convenience if you plan to indulge in a camel ride.

Sunglasses, Hat, and Light Shawl for Sun Safety

Protecting yourself from the harsh desert sun is paramount. For this purpose, you need sunglasses as an eye shield, a hat for head protection, and a light shawl for additional coverage. What’s more, these items are of vital importance as they not only act as a barrier against sunburn. Instead, it also enhances your overall comfort during the safari. Tuck them close as you engage in thrilling activities like dune bashing to ensure they stay secure.

Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers for Desert Exploration

Another important thing you need to know is what shoes to wear in desert safari. Desert safari adventure demands extensive walking, hence always opt for comfortable shoes or sneakers. The desert terrain can be uneven, and sturdy footwear is essential for a seamless experience. Protect your toes from sand and ensure your feet stay comfortable whether you’re exploring, sandboarding, or settling in for a night of camping. Light boots are also a suitable alternative if they complement your outfits.

Choosing the Right Outfit for Male & Female Desert Safari: A Complete Dress Code

Embarking on a desert safari in Dubai requires careful consideration of not just the scorching summer heat but also the unique experiences the adventure promises. Let’s explore the complete dress code to make your desert safari comfortable, respectful of local customs, and, of course, Instagram-worthy.

Light and Bright for an Action-Packed Safari

Desert Safari Dubai is full of action-packed adventures. Therefore, the choice of your clothing on this journey can greatly impact your experience. Hence, you should always prioritize utilizing lightweight and breathable clothing. Remember you need to consider both the weather conditions and local dress codes. Given these points, we suggest you go with cotton and linen materials as they are ideal for staying cool while exploring the sandy dunes.

Avoiding Overly Revealing Clothing

Even though, people prefer wearing minimal clothing in high-heat places. However, it’s essential to adhere to cultural norms. For women, never choose any revealing outfits including short skirts or skimpy tops. It is seriously disrespectful and not ethical at all. Moreover, long sleeves and pants offer both sun protection and respect for the local dress code.

Layering for Temperature Variations

Dubai’s desert temperatures can vary significantly, even in the summer. In the early morning or late evening, temperatures may drop, necessitating layers. Pack a comfortable hoodie, light jacket, or shawl to stay warm during cooler periods and ensure you’re prepared for the temperature fluctuations.

Choosing the Right Footwear for Comfort

Desert can be painful for your feet, thus always choosing the right footwear is crucial. Indeed, closed-toe shoes are highly recommended to protect your feet from the hot sand and potential encounters with desert creatures. Opt for breathable, comfortable shoes or boots suitable for walking on uneven terrain.

Accessories to Elevate Your Experience

Pack some essential accessories to enhance your desert safari experience. A hat offers protection from the sun, and sunglasses not only shield your eyes but add a stylish touch to your ensemble. Notably, do not forget to carry a high-SPF sunscreen, lip balm, and wet wipes to stay refreshed in the desert heat.

Outfits for Every Occasion: From Dune Drives to Camel Rides

As I have mentioned, desert safari adventure offers a range of activities. Thus, you need to plan your clothing appropriately for each occasion on this adventure. Flowy and breathable clothes are perfect for thrilling dune drives. However, you will remain comfortable and enjoy to the fullest your camel rides and ground-seated dinner with covered options. The covered clothing option is also suitable for entertainment sessions.

Premium Evening Red-Dunes Desert Safari: Going All Out

Now if you are looking for a luxurious desert experience, consider the Premium Evening Red-Dunes Desert Safari. It is an ideal journey for those who love adventures such as conquering the high red dunes, engaging in sand activities, and culminating in a Bedouin camp experience. Moreover, for such a premium evening, dress in comfortable yet stylish attire to fully immerse yourself in the luxury and cultural festivities.

Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari: Exhilarating Desert Sunrise

Witnessing sunrise is an astonishing experience that cannot be described in words. Therefore, adventurers who are eager to feel the sunrise in the desert, opt for the Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari. An exhilarating experience aboard a luxury 4×4 Land Cruiser awaits you, with the vast golden dunes as your backdrop. Furthermore, sporty clothing will help you remain comfortable clothing for this early morning adventure. Thus, it also ensures that you are now ready for the thrill of desert exploration.

Evening Desert Safari Tour with BBQ Dinner: A Classic Experience

For food lovers who want to taste delicious foods from all around the world, especially desert areas the Evening Desert Safari Tour with BBQ Dinner is a perfect choice. What’s more, you can engage in camel riding, dune bashing, and henna painting before concluding the night with a delectable BBQ dinner under the stars. Additionally, lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes are the most appropriate choice to enjoy such an incredible adventure. Moreover, you can add a touch of style to make this experience memorable.

Myths About Desert Safaris: Debunked

Before finalizing your desert safari wardrobe, let’s debunk some common myths:

Myth: It is very hot during summer in Dubai.

Fact: No doubt, deserts are hot in summer. However, proper clothing choices can keep you cool and comfortable.

Myth: You must wear light clothes in the desert safari.

Fact: It is essential to wear light clothes to counter the summer heat. Nevertheless, covering your body appropriately is also as necessary as comfort to respect the local customs.

Myth: You need shorts for riding the desert safari vehicles.

Fact: People often ask if can I wear shorts in desert safari.You can consider wearing shorts but they are not recommended and you will feel uneasy in the desert. Therefore, utilize comfortable trousers or leggings that are more practical for various activities.

Myth: Sandals are suitable for desert safaris.

Fact: Indeed, sandals cannot protect your feet in a hot desert and can cause several issues for you. Hence, we always recommend closed-toe shoes are recommended for protection and potential encounters with desert creatures.


Now this is the conclusion of what to wear in desert safari during summer. Mastering the art of desert safari attire for the scorching summer of 2024 involves a strategic blend of comfort, style, and protection. Furthermore, from lightweight fabrics combating the relentless heat to the necessity of a hoodie for cooler evenings, your outfit choice can significantly impact your adventure. No matter, whether embarking on the action-packed Evening Desert Safari Tour with BBQ Dinner or savoring the sunrise in Abu Dhabi, your clothing plays a crucial role in elevating the experience.

Additionally, debunking common myths about desert safaris reinforces the importance of appropriate attire. As you plan your desert escapade, remember that the right outfit enhances not only comfort but also cultural respect. Remember desert safari awaits an adventure beyond expectations.

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